What is Jet Rodding?

Jet rodding is a process done to unclog blocked drains. It uses heavy-duty jets to cut through any debris in the pipework. A single machine can produce as much as 500 psi of force – enough to cut through tree branches. It can also be used as a preventative measure to prevent a build-up of debris in the drainage system.

Who Does It

The procedure is carried out by licensed plumbers. In Australia, only registered technicians can carry out plumbing work. This ensures reduced risks for both the contractor and the client. On the client’s side, they know they’re getting standard services at the minimum. For the contractor, they’re equipped with the knowledge of the safest practices in the industry.

Only licensed plumbers have the expertise and technical know-how to carry out this type of work. To add to this, the equipment used in this type of unclogging is commercial-grade. They tend to be expensive and have specialised uses – not something every homeowner would benefit from investing in. Bell Plumbing has the latest technology for all types of drain blockages. Call them at (07) 3354 3300 to get jet rodding service.

How It’s Done

The first thing plumbers have to do is detect the clog and determine what it’s made of. Top service providers usually CCTV drain cameras to check for this. This provides a non-invasive way of determining where and what the clog is.

Not all blockages will require jets to remove. Toilet paper build up – a common problem – can easily be removed as the material dissolves. However, other types of debris are non-dissolvable. Common culprits are:

  • Hair and nails – These often block bathroom sinks and shower drains. Hair is a type of protein called keratin. It’s very sturdy and does not melt, break down or dissolve.
  • Toothpaste – A lot of people are surprised to know that diluted toothpaste can clog their sinks. The material is highly viscous and can harden over time.
  • Grease – Grease is a common problem for most kitchens, especially those that dispose their cooking fat over the sink. As time goes by, oil hardens and clogs the drainage system. When it does, it can be very hard to get out because of its texture.

Once the plumber has determined that the clog requires the use of jets, they get to work. The drain should be unclogged in a matter of hours, with no damage to the pipework.