Industrial Refrigeration Unit

What Is an Industrial Refrigeration Unit?

An industrial refrigeration unit is more complex than regular cooling systems. They are used in factories, manufacturing plants and other large-scale production areas. Contrary to popular belief, these systems aren’t just used in the food and beverage industry. They’re used for a wide range of applications, most of which are covered in this article.

Food Refrigerator

What makes it different?

At the basest level, this type of equipment can be used to store items below room temperature. Meats and other perishable items must be stored under 5 degrees Celsius to keep it safe from bacteria. This application is one of the most commonly known out of the bunch. However, it can also be used in the manufacturing process.

Certain compounds need to be synthesized in specific temperatures, to cause a chemical reaction. In other cases, cooler temperatures are used to separate gas from substances. Because these are highly technical procedures, cooling functions must be precise to the last degree. Otherwise, the manufacturer won’t get the necessary results.

This type of cooling unit has a much-detailed temperature control system than other models. They also have more complicated machinery, which ensures that the coolness stays even inside the system. Others even have a two-level vapour compression cycle, which enables the user to flash freeze items. These functionalities have applications in a variety of industries, making them essential.

Where is it used?

As mentioned above, the food industry is the most common place where you can see these systems. They’re required to hold a lot of perishable items, so it makes sense for them to invest in a large-scale cooling unit. You’ll often see these in the warehouses of large chain restaurants, where inventory is stored before delivery. Some supermarkets will have these, as they need to keep their products fresh for their customers.

Any manufacturing plant or factory that deals with chemicals will need this type of unit. It can be used in the manufacturing process, to synthesise certain compounds. It can also be used to store sensitive ingredients, which require specific temperatures for storage.