Steps to Insure Successful Renovations



Being a contractor is a beautiful business or profession.  That is because they build a structure from nothing or restore to beauty an old one, making the finished product a work of art.

However, there is a saying that if you want to get back at your enemies, pray that they soon build a new house or renovate their existing residences. That saying, though intended to be funny is not at all far from the truth. That is because construction works are normally delayed ad full of costly and unpleasant surprises.

Here are ways to ensure a smooth flow of renovations:

1. Prepare properly- There is a dictum; “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Preparations take a lot of time and can be costly. However, it will be a lot costlier if plans are approved without much thought and surprises happen while renovation works are ongoing.

  • Designers’ work should be reviewed by a third party to ensure that there will be no inconsistencies that will delay the work. For instance, a shower door should open without bumping into the lavatory or toilet bowl. Imagine the inconvenience when all the supplies have been delivered and installed only to find out that new ones will have to be purchased.
  • Everything should be put down in writing with both designers and contractors signifying that they have thoroughly reviewed the plans and renovations will be completed as planned without any additional expense to the owners. Contractors should also sign in on liquidated damages provision in the contract in the event that they fail to complete the works on time.

2. Buy Materials as needed- Identify the suppliers and have them commit to delivering the supplies at specified dates that rhyme with the construction plans. Should there be delays in progress and change in material specifications, suppliers should be notified ahead of time so that they may change their delivery schedules and replace the items with the appropriate ones without any additional cost to the client.

3. Pay attention to possible concerns – Make sure that electrical, gas and water conduits are not hit during the renovations. There was an instance of a gas explosion a couple of months after a renovation. The blast threw a precast concrete wall several meters outward and it landed on top of a delivery truck crushing the driver and two assistants. Investigations later blamed the contractor that possibly damaged a gas pipe.

4. Hire licensed contractors and require them to post bonds and ensure their workers- Legitimate contractors apply for licenses in order to present themselves as reputable firms. Then fly-by-night doesn’t. They do what they do best, fly when problems arise. Requiring to provide insurance policies to their workers and construction bonds also assure the clients that just compensation will be given should it be needed.

Renovations are difficult, costly and messy. Minimize if not totally avoid it by hiring renovations and by following industry proven sound procedures.