Five Extremely Important Tips when Designing Business Cards

Business cards are good pieces of information that can give clients a decent kind of impression for you as a business or individual. There are some valuable tips that you need to consider whenever you want to get the finest designs out of a business card in order to impress clients further. These tips are guaranteed to be perfect for your needs in getting a good-quality unique business card as it will help you look unique than the others who have plain cards to offer to clients. Here are the following tips in creating a unique design for your business card:

Note the Size and Color

You need to decide well on this part as it will provide the most noticeable layout of your business card. It’s much better to use a business card that people can keep in their wallets, rather than having a big size for it, and all you have to make sure is that the card is readable for them. To make it much better to look at, you have to use the right type of colors for its design. The usual color types are cyan, yellow, magenta, and the classic black color – these provide a more decent look for your card, and blending them provides excellent results. It also helps you reduce the light amount on the card for better vision compared to the standard RGB (red, green, blue) scheme.

Don’t Use Borders

When designing, be sure to avoid borders. It may look organized when designing a card with a border on it, but it can also cause them to become uneven especially when you start cutting the cards. Most printers don’t provide perfect measurements for business cards, and that’s why it’s better to provide borderless designs for your card.

Color scheme

The scheme of the colors used on your card must always follow the CYMK setup, but as said earlier, you have to mix them well in order to get a more decent design. All you have to do is to choose between brighter and bolder colors in order for it to stand out and look really appealing. If you want to provide more appeal, then use those respective color schemes as your design for your website layout, and not just on the business cards in order to give a unique image of the business, career and yourself.

Make the Text Readable

Always remember that what matters in the business cards are the pieces of info that you will provide to the clients, and not just the design of your card. Be sure to choose a font size of 7 o 8 in order to make it readable. Bold fonts are what’s more appealing as it can help people read your details better, too.

Place Important Details Only

You don’t need to put in a long message in order to describe yourself because it’s more important to show your contact details and your name. You also need to place your address and e-mail for them to have more ways to reach you out since people will demand more options for contacting you. Lastly, place your website, QR code and your job description and goals for them to know you in a simpler way. Lastly, keep the details as short as possible to provide all of it on the business cards.