Tips on Creating a Spa Style Bathroom

With a hectic work life and a demanding personal life, you are likely to feel stressed out at the end of the day. Getting a spa experience is one of the best ways to unwind and feel the stress slowly leaving your body. However, most of you won’t like blowing up your hard earned money on expensive spa sessions every alternate day. Don’t worry you can create a beautiful spa experience in your own bathroom with the help of Home Renovators

Decide on a theme

It’s important for your decor to follow a certain theme. Close your mind and remember the textures, scents, and colours of your favorite spa. Now try incorporating the same theme in your bathroom design. You can make your home spa oriental, modern and minimalistic or classic. Pinterest blogs are good places to take inspiration from and so are interior decoration magazines. Opt for soothing pastels and watery shades to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Invest in good lights

Even the most ordinary room can be transformed by the presence of beautiful lights. Unleash your creativity and try creating dramatic corners in your bathroom by using the light and shadow effect. Invest in a beautiful chandelier that gives your bathroom a luxurious spa look. There are so many lovely vanity lighting fixtures on the market nowadays that it shouldn’t be a problem to find your perfect bathroom design.

Make sure that you put an oversized mirror surrounded by lights in your bathroom. Use this space to apply makeup or do your own beauty therapy treatments.