Student Accommodation

Most of the universities try to give their first year student accommodation in there. But due to the some factors it can be stressful to the students. Quality and quantity varies, students have to share one room with other roommates. You may not have proper bathroom or self kitchen facilities. It’s a good decision to accept the university accommodation in your first year. It gives you time to search any other place where you can live by yourself in that time period. You will enjoy your first years after sharing moments and events together. Some universities will offer you a limited place.

Private hall of residence and communal blocks are not owned by universities. It’s kind of a compromise between hall of residence/ traditional rented houses and university accommodation. It’s an easy option as compared to live in rented home where you have to pay the bills separately. On the other hand communal areas are cleaned and looked after, and maintenance staff is always there to help you out. This type of accommodation is not for everyone, but this is for the students who can tackle these things independently and can afford their private living. This could be of higher cost but including all the bills. In a rent house, if someone is going to leave then you or someone has to cover their rent after decided one person. In second year most of the students rent private home or apartment to live independently than to live in student accommodation. But in accommodation typically your internet bills and room prices are easy to manage. The problem is student can never be completely independent due to their studies, routine and responsibilities.

Due to the increasing number of students, now it’s problem for the universities to provide the proper student accommodation, they doubled their prices too. They are experiencing mass problems. Many private living halls are now offering some packages to the students including utility and laundering facilities. Many halls can be found with gyms. But they are only interested in making profit so if something is broken in your living area they are not going to fix it for you. Their furniture will be really cheap and room can be small. There will be no activities like in universities halls. You are not going to find any colleague and mate there. But in private homes you’ll get standard of living. Secure the deal with your landlord. You’re in university and can handle it. Unfortunately, some student accommodation which is not suitable for them give them bad experiences.