Questions to Ask when Buying a New Motorhome

Buying a new motorhome is a great way to always bring your home or family near your working place. It is also best for travellers who plan to engage in a long-term travel. A recreational vehicle (RV) is also ideal for a family who is always on-the-go.

But before you own your first RV, here are some of the best things to ask yourself when you are about to seal the deal:

Is maintenance assured?

Making sure that you have a reliable maintenance team that can help you with your RV if in case it breaks down prolongs its lifespan. You can also have access to your vehicle’s spare parts when you need one. Not only that, your motorhome can also be customised as long as it’s allowed by its manufacturer.

Which version is the best?

Having a motorhome allows you to enjoy some features that you can’t have in your car. Remember that in buying this vehicle, you are having a home and a car at the same time. Consider choosing the most appropriate one as it is your chance to get around the country with all the convenience you can have. Whether it’s a Class A, B, C, travel trailer, fifth wheel, pop-up, SURV, or a truck camper, the RV you’re going to buy must fit within your personal standards.

Am I dealing with a reliable manufacturer?

Trusting the manufacturer with everything you want in an RV matter a lot. This is why buying a new motorhome can be made easy with Explorer 4WD Motorhomes. With their Australia-made RVs, you will never go wrong with any of their models. For more details, check out their gallery page for the motorhome designs.

Is my parking space adequate?

Your parking space matters a lot when you want to keep your RV at bay whilst you’re ‘at home’ on a vacation away from the busy of city life. A 4-wheel drive vehicle will most likely fit in any conventional parking space.

What insurance policy suits your motorhome?

It’s important to ask your manufacturer what insurance policy they offer. This will give you an idea how much money will can get from your insurer in case an accident happens.