What Are Outdoor Umbrellas?

Outdoor umbrellas or side post parasols are foldable canopies with a wooden or metal frame that is usually mounted on a metal pole. The words ‘umbrella’ and ‘parasol’ refer to a person’s protection from the rain and sun, respectively. These terms are applicable for both the handheld and stationary models.

Outdoor Umbrellas

These kinds of parasols can be built as a part of the building’s overall architecture. Most of them are capable of withstanding heavy winds and rains. Thanks to the umbrella’s tensile fabric material, it can be placed in various sites such as cafes, shops or stores.

Outdoor Umbrellas


Side post parasols are some of the most effective and durable shade solutions available. In addition, they also come with features that most owners usually overlook. But not all umbrellas are created equal. You need to find out what makes an effective parasol by referring to the pointers below:

  • Resistance to strong winds
  • UV-protection
  • Steel coating for protection
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Stainless-steel cable and fittings

You don’t need to replace your umbrella’s fabric regularly just because it’s faded, its steel framing was broken or it’s hard to close and open. Think about how you will keep the parasol and where you will use it. By doing these, you can make the smart choice of buying a new one.

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A flexible outdoor umbrella can be installed on different areas, from tiled floorings to grassy grounds. Also, it can be easily transported and arrive at your site fully pre-assembled. Plus, it’s easy to set up.

Furthermore, there are some gains you may experience once you install a new set of side post parasols:

  • UV ray deflection
  • Ambience enhancement
  • Extensive choice of shapes and sizes
  • Good addition to backyards, gardens and shops
  • Easy installation

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