Online Ordering System

How an Online Ordering System Works in Restaurants

An online ordering system allows restaurants to make deliveries more efficient. Customers can easily go to the website, peruse the menu and put the order in. These systems free up your staff to do value-added tasks, helping the establishment run smoother.

How Online Ordering System Works

All the orders go through an application that’s installed on the website. Because each site is different, systems have to be tailor-fit for every client. The restaurant’s menu is uploaded to the database, along with their corresponding prices. Once all the data is complete, capabilities are added to make multiple items, substitutions and other options available.

Once the application is running, customers go to the restaurant’s website and order the items they want. It goes right through the establishment’s point-of-sale unit, where a ticket is printed out. The server confirms the order and sends the ticket through the kitchen. Afterwards, the food is cooked, boxed and delivered to the happy customer!

Some establishments impose a minimum order limit to ensure that deliveries are worth the labour. This is especially true for those who have a wide delivery radius. To add to this, others will have a secondary confirmation process, which is done by calling the customer. This is done to confirm the delivery, address and order.

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The Importance of the POS Unit

This type of application is only possible through modern POS units. Older models have no internet connection capabilities and are only capable of in-house orders. In these cases, servers need to go through orders manually, which can take a lot of time. This is why it’s important to have the latest technology on-site before deploying internet delivery systems.

The Benefit of Convenience

The main benefit of having this application in place is convenience. Your customers can take their time in deciding what they want, without affecting the productivity of your staff. Your employees are free to serve other clients whilst the clients put in their orders. As compared to telephone delivery hotlines, this method is more streamlined and efficient.