Washing Equipments

How to Choose Commercial Ware Washing Equipments

Before you start looking for commercial ware washing equipment it is important to put a budget in place. This will help you choose a model that is well within your price range. It will also be easier to shortlist machines based on your individual need once you have a budget in place. Lastly, always remember that when it comes to commercial ware washing equipment, you need to invest in a good quality machine. It isn’t possible to keep replacing your equipment every few years.

Choose a well-known brand that offers after sales service

When you use any kind of equipment on a regular basis it can get damaged or spoilt easily. It, therefore, helps to go with brands that offer free after sales and maintenance services.

Always choose large capacity washing equipment

As a rule, it always helps to invest in large capacity commercial ware washing equipment. Even if you run a small eatery, clean utensils, crockery and vessels are a constant requirement. Furthermore, installing one large capacity machine will come in handy when there is a large crowd especially during festive occasions and holidays. If you install a small unit, you may face problems in times of overcrowding.

Stick with a high-temperature dishwasher

Commercial ware washing units that can wash dishes and utensils with water attaining a temperature of at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit (and usually the maximum wash temperature for sanitization is 195 degrees F) are considered best buys. High temperatures dishwashers use water economically and clean efficiently even when the loaded content is high, and the sanitization or decontamination is also thorough as no washing detergents and chemicals are required.

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