How to Access Your Superannuation Fund during Disability?

One of the greatest advantages of having a superannuation policy is the entitlement to ongoing benefits or lump sum payments that will be made out to you or your legally recognised dependent if the policy member gets injured and loses his job, or falls sick or dies. Most superannuation schemes offer coverage for disability, but many are unaware of this beneficial clause. Superannuation lawyers can effectively deal with the insurance red tapism, help settle claims and earn for you the amount you deserve.

How can Superannuation Lawyers Help You?

Contact an expert insurance and superannuation disability attorney to become aware of all the benefits you are entitled to, how to fight back if they deny your claim and the process/methodology you should adopt for accessing the benefits you deserve.

People who can Claim Superannuation Disability Pay Outs

  • If you are under 65 or 60 years of age, (depending on which policy you have chosen) you can make a valid claim.
  • You are also eligible to claim if you were a working employee of a company responsible for paying your superannuation compulsorily. If an illness or workplace injury renders you disabled and prevents you from going back to work for six months at a stretch, you can make this claim.
  • If your parent or partner on whom you were financially dependent passes away, you can claim death pay outs from the deceased person’s private insurer or super fund.
  • You can also make claims if there is a private contract for disability insurance or income protection between you and the insurance provider.