Corporate Catering Company

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Corporate Catering Company

A corporate event is never complete without a catering company. And if you’re organising one, whether it’s a launching of a new product or a celebration of the company’s newest milestone, you want to make sure every dish is made of the finest quality.

Corporate Catering

That is why if you need to take your hiring process seriously. Find a corporate catering company that not only has the experience but also has the skills and equipment to accommodate everyone at your party.

Here are important questions to ask before hiring a caterer that serves corporate clients:

Have you worked at the venue before?

There is a huge advantage when you find caterers that have worked at your venue before. This means that know the best area for them to be stationed in, preferably because it’s near an electrical outlet and the dishwashing area.

Another advantage is that they already know what equipment the management can provide for them and what they have to bring for themselves.

Can you provide me with a written quotation?

Receiving a written quotation helps you assess how much everything will cost you, based on the package you’ve selected and the estimated number of guests that will be attending.

And if you have some concerns regarding the overall feel, it’s better to address it as early as possible rather than saying it days before the big day.

Where do you buy your ingredients from?

The flavour of the dishes comes from the richness of the ingredients. That is why it’s important to know where the caterers get it from. Choose the one that sources the ingredients from companies that passed sanitation standards.

Do you adjust to dietary restrictions?

If you have guests who are diabetic or who may have food allergies, it’s important to discuss this with your corporate catering company. See if they are willing to adjust their dishes to guarantee the safety of everyone at the event.

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