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How to Hire Wake Catering Services

Wake catering services are becoming more common in Australia. Whilst it’s easy to bring a couple of snacks to funerals, hiring professionals ensures that everyone has delicious meals throughout the ceremony. It’s always stressful and painful to lose a loved one. Why not take some of the burdens off by letting someone else handle the food?

If you’re considering hiring professionals, here are a few things you should consider.

Where are you holding it?

The venue will greatly impact the types of food you should serve during the event. If you’re having it at home or a place where there’s a dining and seating area, it would be easier to serve heavy meals. However, at funeral homes or rental venues, it’s best to serve easy to eat food. These facilities won’t have glassware, plates and silverware, making it hard to eat a proper meal.

Some service providers will provide equipment rentals with their packages. This is a good alternative if you really want full meals during the service. However, you’ll have to find extra space in the area to use as a dining room.

Plan the menu well.

During these ceremonies, you can’t just pick any type of dish and be done with it. These will go on for long hours – long after the food is freshly cooked. In most cases, the meals will have turned cold before everyone has had a chance to eat. This is why you should pick meals that will still taste good, even if they’re not hot anymore.

To add to this, your guests may have some dietary restrictions. Allergies, aversions and vegetarianism should all be considered. Make sure there’s always an option for every guest, to avoid alienating them at the gathering.

When planning the menu, never overlook the drinks. Cold water is a must in these situations. You want to keep your guests hydrated. Another important beverage is coffee. These gatherings will go on all night, so it’s important to have a caffeine boost every so often.

For enquiry about the price and food menu, contact Aussie Catering Company.