General Guidelines When Getting Your Electronic Items Packed for a Move to Abroad

A lot of preparation is needed when moving abroad. Packing your things is really time-consuming. When it comes to packing electronic items, it is always best to pack them with their original boxes. In case the boxes are lost and you have to buy general storing boxes, always select the best quality box and in sizes that are just a little large than the item to be packed. This is because your electronic gadgets have the best chance of protection only if they fit in snugly and do not move around during the journey. Apart from the boxes, you will also need an adequate quantity of tape, small sealable bags (to hold small spare parts), bubble wraps (for smaller gadgets) and product manuals for each and every gadget. This is vitally important. NEVER disassemble electronic items without knowing how to assemble them properly AND follow ONLY the product manual for assembling guidelines. Don’t go by your intuition as you may cause permanent damage.

Before dismantling an electronic item, check carefully to see that it has been disconnected from the mains. Also, remember to pack all the loose parts for a particular gadget in the same box along with the gadget itself. Tape all loose parts to the side of the gadget or the side of the box. This way, there is less risk of a missing part or a loose part colliding with another and causing damage. Always use twist ties to secure loose wires and place them in sealable bags with proper labelling. Hire interstate furniture removalists Perth to help you move your items.

When hiring a removals company, you should:

Check out Other Services

Apart from the quote, it is prudent to compare the type of ancillary services provided. Some companies offer packing boxes for general items; bubble wraps and other packing materials; furniture cover; special packing for expensive gadgets; temporary storage; disassembling and reassembling large furniture and so on. They will also help you in packing and unpacking and disposing of all those packing materials.

Check out Insurance

Ensuring your possessions is always advisable during a move. Removals provide insurance to your items. Most competent removal companies will provide insurance to the value of 1% or 2% of the total value of the consignment provided they have done the packing themselves. Otherwise, it’s best to get your cover from professional ensuring agents.