Different Themes Of A Wedding Photography

Have you gone through many portfolios of different photographers already? Then you must have noticed that photographers have their personal styles of capturing wedding moments. Some are based on a classic theme, some are telling a story, some are ultra modern – and there are a lot of themes of wedding photography. Before you pick your theme for the wedding photography, read this article to know about the themes.

1) Photo-Journalistic Photography Style

The photographs will tell your love story – this is the main theme of this style. Spontaneous, fun-loving couples love this creative style of photography. The photographers plan the whole session, including your friends and family in the frame, add a lot of drama and click on beautiful images. You can make a collage of all the images to find a story, a story of yours!

2) Traditional Wedding Photography

Do you love to remake your parents wedding moments again? Their pretty, classic styles of holding hands, gaze into each others’ eyes, blush and smiles – now all these moments can be recreated with you. This is the oldest style of wedding photography where you will have a great moment with your spouse, friends, and family.

3) Fine-Art Wedding Photography

Photographers create unique photograph using different elements, angles, and lighting. Bride standing in front of a mirror, groom walking towards the bride, bride sitting in a dark room with the only light on her face – there are so many artistic angles are used to take these photos. Art-lovers couples will absolutely love this style.

4) Fashion Wedding Photography

This theme is all about the wedding dresses. Wedding gown, tuxedo, and all the fashion items – this is where the photographer mainly focuses on. They arrange the dresses on a perfect background, then use lights to create a glamorous effect on the dress and the bride and CLICK! You will get many stunning, high-class photos of you. Be careful of picking the right photographer for this theme. Because not every photographer knows about the styles, effect or the expression on your face.

5) Illustrative Photography

If you want a mixture of drama and tradition in your wedding photographs, then you can choose this style. Photographers mainly focus on the light effects, background and the surrounding environment to craft a natural effect in the photo. The couple in the photos have to be spontaneous and fun. Photographers will give minimal instruction and keep clicking the natural moments of yours. Of course, he knows how to bring drama even in the natural poses and you will get occasional instruction on that. But this is a mix impulsive effort of the subjects and the photographer both.

Now that you know about different styles of wedding photography, go through as many as samples as you can get. Surely there are some tough choices, but you can always mix two different styles. Talk to professional wedding photographer Sydney about what you like and pick the wedding theme for your big day.