Making Dating Sites for 40 and Above Work for You

Whether you’ve just been too busy with life to ever give thought to dating or you have just experienced devastating loss of someone special through death or divorce, hitting the 40s is a lonely ride to the top without sharing it with someone. Fortunately, live at a time when online dating sites for 40 and above are in vogue.

If it’s your initial foray into these dating sites for 40 and above it will give you an edge especially because you’re at the prime of your life. You already know what you want and you have realistic expectations compared to other age groups who are also dating online. The anonymity in the internet allows you to hide in your profile and weed out people who do not interest you yet will not be offended if you don’t reply to their messages. Try doing that in real life.

So you already have active profiles on these dating sites for 40 and above and know how to manoeuvre around the website. You need to know how to make it work to your advantage.

  • Your opinion matters. Set criteria on what you want in a partner and not what other people, like well-meaning friends or family, demand you have. Give some though on what qualities you value most so you can shortlist the most deserving of your attention.
  • Site interest is better. The bigger site may score you a potential date for the weekend but it prevents you from ever meeting the person whose qualities you are looking for. Choose a site that has similar interests as yours and work your way from there.
  • Do meet up. It’s nice to get an email or a private message often from people you find interesting but it would be better if you can gauge personal chemistry by meeting them personally? Start off with a phone call, then a video conference, and finally go on an actual date.
  • Get a gut feel. You can get easily caught up in dating sites for 40 and above but when you follow your instincts, you’ll end up meeting the person meant for you. Have an open mind and give someone a try instead of believing of matching algorithms in some dating sites.
  • Beware of posers. People lie on dating websites for many reasons. You would know it in your gut, especially if their response is inconsistent or somewhat off. If alarm bells ring in your head, wean yourself off this person’s online communication.
  • Keep being positive. Sometimes budding online friendships die a natural death. It should not deter you from picking yourself up and try again. When it does happen often, maybe an honest self-assessment is due. Consult with a close friend or trusted advisor.
  • Come as you are. Create a profile that presents the real you. Make sure it stands out from all the other profile out there but it should clearly describe you personally and convey what type of people are you interested in meeting real life.