Commercial Appliances

Commercial Appliances

After you’ve made a list of all the items you’d need for your cafeteria or restaurant you’d need to prepare a full budget. Having a well-planned budget will give you a basic idea of where you stand when it comes to buying commercial appliances.

Different sizes, designs, models and brands of commercial kitchen fixtures are available in the market at all price ranges. Formulating a budget from scratch will give you a complete picture of how much you can afford to spend on your kitchen paraphernalia.

A budget will let you decide whether you’d be able to manage on your own or have to seek a loan. If you’re going for branded items, you’ll have to fork out more than what you’d have to pay if you go for assembled or non-branded equipment.


Since you’ll be buying your equipment with the objective of using them for as long as possible (until they become commercially unviable) you’ll obviously want to buy the best quality of commercial appliances.  Some of the equipment are cookers, commercial fridges, microwaves, steamers, commercial dishwasher, etc.

That’d call for one-time investment on a grand scale but will ensure robust ROIs. Alternatively, you’ll end up paying more on an overall basis if you go for cheap kitchen appliances that’d you need to repair or replace periodically.

Guarantees and warranties

Enquire in detail about the period of guaranty you’d get for every piece of equipment and also find out about warranties on replaceable components and services. Most reputed manufacturers offer long-term guarantees and warranties for their products these days to retain their competitive edge.

Finally, as a last minute tip, try to procure all your kitchen equipment from a single dealer. That way, you’ll not only end up getting unexpected discounts but the retailer will go out of the way to help you out with choosing the best products so that you become his permanent patron.