Buy Phone Screens: Useful Guide

Are you interested to buy phone screens online? If so, you might want to consider reading this article first.

Phone Screens

What is a screen protector?

We all know that smartphones are expensive. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars and just end up with a scratched phone. Most people, even up to these days, prefer to use screen protectors to keep their precious phones against possible damage.

Basically, these are sheets of plastic cut to fit the exact shape and size of your device along with holes for buttons, camera, and the speakers. A wide range of protectors is available for almost all brands and devices you can possibly have.

Why Is It Necessary?

It is said that purchasing a screen protector upon receiving your unit is essential to avoid getting a nasty scratch even before you start a 24-month phone contract. Remember that as the size of your screen increases, the more chances for it to be scratched.

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How do you apply it?

To properly apply a protector, you first need to clean your unit’s actual screen with a microfiber cloth and then press the protector on top of the screen. You want to make sure you placed it properly, so it fits. Similarly, you need to ensure that it is applied flat on the screen to avoid noticeable cracks or bubbles under the protector.

What are the common types of screen protectors?

  • Plastic

This type is very durable. Compared to other options, cracks or damage on plastic screens doesn’t grow over time. Moreover, there are certain types of plastics that are reusable which help with long-term usage, thus, it won’t cost you a lot.

  • Tempered glass

Fingerprinting wouldn’t be an issue when it comes to using tempered glass protector. Additionally, its shatter-proof property helps ensure a high-level of safety when unfortunate situations happen. The strength of glass can withstand extreme impacts caused by drops and shock, making It a great choice for areas that needed safety the most.